Dungeons & Dragons – The Visitors – Episode 18

Welcome to the eighteenth episode of our extended campaign, The Visitors!

When the void opens and spills itself upon the world, who will fight against the darkness? When all others are blind, who will see the truth? Those few who are touched by fate to be a beacon for the masses do not always come in shining plate and on golden steed. Some are teenage wizards, shady gunslingers, or troubled warlocks. Naive clerics, reincarnated rangers, or alcoholic fighters. To beat back the end of days is not a task meant only for the righteous and noble, the high-born gentry, whose vulnerable station makes them perfect targets. When the stars look down from the heavens like a million blinking eyes and the abyss addresses you by name, it will be left to six dumbass adventurers to stand up and greet the Visitors.

Our heroes took one step forward and two steps back in solving this case. They try to find item on the mustard but unfortunately it is on another plane of exsistence. Enjoy the conclusion of this dream within a dream!

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